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Shopping Locally: 5 UK Made Autumn Candles You'll Love

One of my goals of 2020 was to shop more locally and sustainably, and to support small businesses. I'm a real sucker for Autumn as a season (as I'm pretty sure most twenty-something girls are) which means as soon as September 1st hits, I'm getting out the woolly jumpers, hot cocoa, and scented candles. I've recently learned that soy based candles are not only biodegradable, but also have a longer burn time than paraffin wax candles because of their lower melting point, AND produce 90% less soot. All of the candles on this list are soy, vegan, and from local small-owned businesses in the UK. I know you'll love these scents all as much as I do!


1. Scottish Woodland

When I learned that these candles are hand poured in Scotland, I had to try their Scottish Woodland scent. Complete with little bits of actual woodland pressed into the wax, this candle has a really lovely subtle pine smell that doesn't feel too artificial or overpowering (as pine often can - think those car fresheners everybody had back in the 00's). Another great thing about this company is that it's incredibly eco-conscious - they send instructions with all of their packaging on how to recycle and compost, and they plant a tree for every order they fill. A company after my own heart!

Get it on the Above the Flame website

2. Pumpkin Spice

I've been called a basic bitch before - I'm not even ashamed of it. And while I accept and oftentimes wear this term proudly, I have a confession to make - I don't actually like the taste of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. However, I think we can all agree that the smell is heavenly, and this candle met all of my "basic bitch" needs. It's the perfect bathtime-with-a-glass-of-Malbec candle for after a long autumnal walk crunching over colourful leaves. I often find that pumpkin smells can be a bit artificial, but this one has a lovely spiced scent that will warm the room but not overpower. It's definitely going to be a staple in my house this Autumn!

Get it at The Cavendish Company on Etsy

3. Sweater Weather

If the word Hygge could be defined in a scent, this candle might honestly be it. The notes of amber make it slightly musky, but the smell of oranges brightens it up, and the sandalwood gives it a slightly earthy undertone. It genuinely feels like being wrapped up in a big jumper on a cold Autumn morning as you sip tea and watch the rain outside. In other words - it lives up to the name.

Get it on the YR Studio website


4. Cinnamon Apple

Could anything get more classically Autumnal than the smell of cinnamon apple? Though I admit that the mint green colour of this candle threw me off when I opened it, the smell is heavenly - it reminds me of waking up on Thanksgiving morning to smell my dad's freshly baked apple pie, or slightly of toffee apples. Would 10/10 recommend to anybody who wants their home to smell like they've been baking all day, without putting in any of the actual effort.

Get it on the Lindsay Lucas Candles website

5. Fireside

This candle really pleasantly surprised me - I thought it would be a muskier, smokier scent, but it lets off a lovely, light quite clean smelling aroma. It's still unmistakably "fireside" scented, but it somehow freshens up the smell of your home as well, rather than making it feel overly smoky. It's also the first candle I've ever lit that has a wooden wick, which resulted in a crackling sound as it burned which really added to the illusion that I was by a campfire. All in all, a really lovely choice for an Autumn scent!

Get it at Club Candle on Etsy

Instagram: @club.candle


Which scent would you most like to try? Let me know! Happy Autumn, everybody, and make sure to keep up with my seasonal adventures on Instagram at @elisedumont!

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