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Things to do in Greenwich, London

I'm always looking for exciting days out in London, and Greenwich is an absolute gem, hiding in plain sight. I love this part of the city - it's easy to get to and a bit more off the beaten tracks for tourists, but has loads of great things to do! Here are some of my favorites.

1.Painted Hall

The Painted Hall in Greenwich is one of my favorite spots to bring friends and family who visit London, and I'm always surprised that more people don't know about this spot. It features 40,000 square feet of painted Baroque painted walls and ceilings, almost like a British version of the Sistine Chapel. Entry costs £15 for adults, but is valid for 12 months from the purchase of your ticket, and includes an audio guide to learn more about the hall.

2. Queen's House

The Queen's House in Greenwich is so incredibly beautiful, and was built by architect Inigo Jones as a royal residence in the early 1600s, to house some of the royal artwork collections. My favorite feature by far is the stunning spiral staircase in the house.

3. Greenwich Market

Anybody who knows me knows I love a food market, and Greenwich market is a great one. From street food to cute knick nacks, or baked goods, this is a great place to hit up for a snack and a browse during your day in Greenwich!

4. Royal Observatory

The Greenwich Royal Observatory is an iconic spot in London, and is home to a massive Planetarium and the telescope that helped to determine the location of the Prime Meridian.

5. Meridian Line

Just outside of the Royal Observatory is the Prime Meridian line, which is the

point of 0 degrees longitude. A bit cheesy, but it's always worth standing on the line to be right at the center of Greenwich Mean Time!

6. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is absolutely beautiful, and offers one of the most incredible views of London from its slopes. This is a perfect spot to grab a bit of grass and have a picnic with one of the best views in the city.

7. Ranger's House

In addition to being incredibly beautiful, Ranger's House is the filming location for the Bridgerton residence in the Bridgerton tv show!

8. Old Naval College

This spot can be seen as the centrepiece of all of Greenwich - in addition to being a really impressive piece of architecture, it's been a filming location for so many movies and TV shows, including Les Misérables, Thor: The Dark World, and Bridgerton.

9. Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is one of the most iconic ships in the UK, and it's stationed right in Greenwich. It was built in 1869 for tea trade, and is one of three remaining original composite construction ships from its century. It's now functioning as a museum, and costs entry £18 for adults.

10. Uber Boat

My favorite way to arrive to Greenwich is by Uber Boat on the Thames. Whilst it's absolutely possible to get there on the tube, if you're able to take a boat down the Thames, I really think it is worth it for the incomparable views of the city.

11. Greenwich Foot Tunnel

I wasn't aware that there was a tunnel running underneath the Thames in Greenwich until fairly recently, and there is something exciting about knowing that you're walking underneath the iconic river in a tunnel that's over 100 years old. Fair notice though - the tunnel comes out at the Isle of Dogs, and the nearest tube station is quite far away in Canary Wharf, so be prepared to walk a bit at the other end! Alternatively, you can get a Thames boat at Malthouse Pier.

12. O2

I can't mention Greenwich without talking about the O2. It's a sporting arena, a music venue, a shopping centre, and full of bars and restaurants. If you're feeling daring, you can also book to climb to the top of the dome!


I hope you find this helpful, and have a lovely day out in Greenwich! Please feel free to tell me if there are any other parts of the city you'd like a guide for, and stay up to date with my adventures in the UK and abroad at @elise.abroad!

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